The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) concept can be defined as the integration of communication and electronic technologies in order to mitigate land transport problems designed to improve transport operation and safety Terrestrial, for both urban and rural roads, as well as for buses, trams and railways.

The Intelligent Transit System aims to improve mobility in the City with technology. This system includes new instruments for traffic management and tools that facilitate movement within the City. We have solutions from different manufacturers of first level in the world of ITS

In real time Centralized Traffic Systems complying with the standards in communications protocols: UNE 135401-4 (Type M) and NTCIP 1201/1202 for centralized or isolated control, including operation in adaptive mode.

We offer systems of relative and absolute priority for public transport in BRTs and VLTs, as well as complementary traffic equipment for cities, using materials and technologies friendly to the environment.

  • Advanced Traveler Information Systems - ATIS.
  • Advanced Transportation Management Systems - ATMS.
  • Advanced Public Transportation Systems - APTS.
  • Advanced Vehicle Control Systems - AVCS.

Each of these systems consists of different subsystems and technologies, which are often used by more than one of these systems families