An electronic security system is the interconnection of resources, networks and devices (Active technical means) whose objective is to protect the integrity of people and their environment, preventing them from external dangers and pressures.

The use of these resources will depend on the characteristics and needs of what will be protected, considering the number of sites to protect, the potential risks of them and special needs that may arise.

We implement the best IP and hybrid video security solutions. It stores the video information with the best resolutions, even allows you to view the images in real time.

It is a modern system CCTV cameras that adapt to be controlled remotely from a control room, where you can configure your pan, tilt and zoom.

We have solutions for buildings, public safety and specialized equipment for video security on vehicles and public transport.

It allows to manage the levels of access to the occupants of the environment and to the visitors. Depending on the client's requirements, it is also possible to manage the occupants' access and departure times.

It is important to carry out an appropriate study, segmenting the zones, access groups, allowed schedules, the level of access of each user, measure the number of people passing through each zone and establish the objectives of each access control.

Zone detection of unscheduled events. The detection is displayed in a centralized panel (Video Wall), which alerts locally or remotely the personnel responsible for the safety of the environment.

System that acts before the attempt that has some individual to enter a property violating the perimetral limits.

It is the space where to host the servers and storage systems where the applications are executed and the data and the content are processed and stored. We offer the best solutions since we have the certifications of the main manufacturers of equipment for data processing, as well as the necessary consultancy according to the activities that this center requires.

The main functions of an Electronic Security System are: the detection of intruders in the interior and exterior, the control of access and traffic (people, packages, correspondence, vehicles, etc.), optical surveillance through photography or closed circuit television (CCTV) and the intercommunication by public address and protection of the communications.