Interactive multimedia is the dialogue between users and content, where design and realization (audiovisual media) are key factors to capture their attention. It helps to obtain the information that is needed and are systems that attract a large public, for which companies and public entities use it for information, advertising or commercial purposes.

That is why interactive multimedia is one of the most complicated systems in terms of design and strategy because it is endowed with a high sensitivity in its internal and external physical, a good example are interactive kiosks and totems that can be located in Places of great public affluence, commercial centers, public transport, etc. There are also so-called interactive screens, widely used in areas such as advertising and information to the user.

In this field we offer the latest technology in high resolution screens and interactive systems such as:

  • Digital Signage (Digital Signage)
  • Content Manager
  • LED Systems
  • Digital Touchscreens
  • Large format displays
  • Video Wall Systems